Pressure Washing

Need a fresh new look?

We specialize in pressure washing and staining.

While many companies claim this, many do not have the knowledge or experience to properly protect your decks from the harsh Michigan climate. We have 20+ years in this area and know what it takes to protect your deck. We pressure wash houses, buildings, decks, concrete, etc. After you have pressure washed your deck you will need to have it properly sealed. We use only high quality deck stains and sealers and have the expertise to keep your deck looking new. Routinely customers are amazed how we make an old deck can look new again!

Examples include:

  • Decks - Wash and Seal
  • Houses - Vinyl, Aluminum, Brick, Stucco, etc.
  • Pool areas, fencing and gazebos
  • Concrete driveways and walkways